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Good Morning Down (GMD) is a free local telephone support service in County Down, Northern Ireland for people who feel isolated, alone or vulnerable in the community.

We telephone GMD clients on weekdays between 9:00 – 13:00 for a friendly chat and check-in. We also offer signposting to other community organisations and run ‘get together’ events for our clients.

If we cannot get through to a client, we try to contact them again later in the morning. If we still cannot get through, we contact a nominated person who can visit the client to make sure they are well.

Good Morning Down Networking Opportunities
Aidan and Kathy promoting the work of GMD in the community in November 2022

Who we are

GMD Staff and Volunteers in October 2022
GMD staff and volunteers in October 2022

The team at GMD is led by Manager Dan McEvoy. Volunteer Telephone Carers from the community spend one or two mornings each week contacting our members under the guidance of Dan.

Dan McEvoy

Responsibility for the oversight and strategic direction of GMD lies with the Good Morning Down Management Committee/Board. The committee currently has 7 members who are also referred to as trustees. The committee meets quarterly and is chaired by Conor Flanagan (Head of Community Development within Supporting Communities). In addition, Supporting Communities South Down Development Officer Orla McCann assists with all the administrative duties associated with managing the board. 

  • Chairperson: Patricia Magee (GMD)
  • Secretary: Deborah Finlay (GMD Volunteer)
  • Treasurer: Macartan Digney (DCC)
  • Member: Danielle McCarry (CDRCN)
  • Member: Mavis Conlon (GMD Volunteer)
  • Member: Sheileen Brady (DCT)
  • Member: Housing Executive – TBC